南本德地区商会,南本德,印第安纳州., ("the Chamber") respects the privacy of its members 和 of those who visit this site. 以适用法律的规定为准, any information you submit to the Chamber will not be used in any manner to which you have not consented. While the Chamber does analyze its 网站 logs to monitor the flow of traffic 和 make improvements to the site’s content, 其网站日志无法识别个人身份, 和 no attempt to link them to individual visitors to this site is made.



We do not collect 个人身份信息 about you on the Chamber 网站 without your knowledge or action. 您的信息是通过会员登记表收集的, 电子邮件通讯注册和/或事件注册表格. 这些信息包括, 但不限于, 你的名字(姓和名), 公司名称, 公司地址, 电话号码, 传真号码, 电子邮件地址, 以及信用卡信息. You should be aware that if you disclose any information on a bulletin board or in social media or other open forum that is hosted by the 南本德地区商会, others may collect that information to send you unsolicited information from outside the Chamber for other purposes.



We reserve the option to share your contact information with certain third parties. 的se can include 金融 institutions, service providers, contractors, or affiliate organizations. You will always have the ability to opt out from receiving information from the Chamber as well as from said third parties.



非个人身份信息包括, 但不限于, information we automatically collect on your use 和/or actions on our 网站 (e.g., 用户流量模式, 网站的页面浏览量, 点击率, 用户在搜索工具中输入的搜索词). 除了, 当访问者到达我们的网站时, 我们收集IP地址, 操作系统, 使用的浏览器软件. An IP address (which is not the same as an 电子邮件地址) can tell us the user's internet service provider 和, 基于此, 能指出连接的地理williamhill中文网吗. 的 Chamber recognizes that certain User Information of a key demographic nature (e.g., 比赛, 年龄, 性别, 国家的起源, 收入), 而非个人身份信息, 是否仍然对用户敏感. As a general matter, the Chamber does not collect such information about you through the solthompson.com 网站. 然而, 认识到这类资料的敏感性, 如分庭掌握了这类资料, whether through your voluntary submission of such information in response to a special feature on the 网站 or by receiving such information from any of our 业务 partners, 这些信息应, 当与您的任何个人身份信息相结合时, itself be deemed to be 个人身份信息 和 treated by the  Chamber as such.



As a general matter, 非个人身份信息 helps us determine how the solthompson.com 网站正在被使用, 帮助我们确定网站的热门区域, 和 helps determine the effectiveness of our promotional activities regarding the 网站.



我们的网站使用“cookies”(i.e., a small data file that our 网站 writes to a user's hard drive) to help track your us年龄 of our site, 包括你看过的广告. Sbrchamber.Com的cookie不包含您的个人信息, but they are unique to each user 和 include a member ID # (a r和omly generated unique number) that enables the bsite to identify you when you visit, so you: (1) do not have to remember your username 和 password each time you visit the 网站; 和 (2) receive any personalized services you requested when you registered. 

也不是我们的网站, 也不是我们写在用户硬盘上的cookie, 从你的硬盘上读取我们的cookies之外的任何数据. 这包括不读取其他网站创建的任何cookie文件. You can refuse our cookies by turning them off in your browser (for more information on how to do this, 请参考您的浏览器文档). You do not need to have cookies turned on in your browser to use our 网站; however, without cookies certain of the automated functions 和 features of our 网站 will not be available to you. We also use cookies to measure the click-through rate on e-mails delivered.



商会网站上有其他互联网网站的链接, 包括联合品牌或其他附属网站. 除非另有明确说明, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such 网站s, 包括此类网站对任何信息的使用.



You underst和 和 agree that “perfect” security does not exist anywhere, including on the internet. 当你发送信用卡信息, 我们对您的计算机和我们的服务器之间的信息进行加密. 您发送到本网站的其他信息, 包括电子邮件信息, 不会被加密,除非我们通知你. 我们的网站有防火墙保护和安全监控.



You may be able to access certain information related to third parties at the site, 或者通过链接, 横幅广告或来自网站的点击, 关于第三方的商品或服务. You underst和 和 agree that your access to or use of those services is a matter entirely between you 和 the associated third parties, 和 the Chamber shall have no liability whatsoever for any such access or use.



This site provides information designed to help users cope with their own legal, 业务, 金融, 以及其他需求. This information is not the same as retaining experts in those fields for advice. 尽管我们竭尽全力确保信息的准确性, 我们强烈建议您咨询专家, 包括但不限于律师, 会计, 金融服务顾问, 或其他适当的专业人士. Nothing contained in this 网站 is to be considered as the rendering of legal, 金融, 针对具体情况提供专业或其他建议, 和 users are responsible for obtaining such advice from their own legal, 财务或其他顾问. 本网站所载资料仅供教育用途, 仅作背景和信息用途.



我们想帮你保护孩子的隐私. We encour年龄 you to talk to your children about safe 和 responsible use of their personal information while using the internet.



solthompson.com 网站为用户提供了更正的选项, update or delete any information previously provided to us by the user; however, we will maintain copies of user information to the extent retained as part of our 网站's st和ard backup/archive process. 除了, these procedures will not remove such of your information that has been provided by you to, 或向你收取, 我们的商业伙伴的网站. We are not responsible for ensuring the removal or deletion from 我们的商业伙伴的网站 of your information provided by us to our 业务 partners as permitted by you or otherwise in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

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我们的网站可能包含到其他网站的链接. 这并不构成对其政策或产品的认可. Once you link to another site, you are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.



Any material changes to this privacy policy will be communicated to users through this webp年龄.  Users are responsible for making use of this resource to stay updated on the solthompson.com 网站隐私政策.